KUBA A ROAD MOVIE " A different look at Cuba and its people"

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  • Year: 2007
  • Duration: 55 min
  • Format: HD
  • Languages: V.O.Spanish, English
  • Episodes: 1
  • Series: Road Movie Collection - Adventure Documentaries
  • Sale Rights: To consult
  • Productor: Transdisc Music & Films
  • Director: Joan Babiloni
  • Genre: Documentary Road Movie
  • Music: Emilio Alquezar - Popular


Four friends travel to Cuba from Europe, Ramón, Martin, Joan and Micha . In La Havana they meet Luis Enrique, motorcycle mechanic who rent to them four reconstructed ancient Harleys Davidsons and join the group, they will cross the island, visiting their villages and people. We will know the up to dated reality of the country trough their thoughts and Cuban people they meet and interview: artists, santeros, doctors, taxi drivers, newspaper sellers, mechanics, musicians, … all them will form a colourful mosaic of Cuba. This documentary has excellent photography by the director Joan Babiloni.

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