FLOWERS OF DEATH "The forgotten land of opium "

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  • Year: 2005
  • Duration: 55 min
  • Format: HD
  • Languages: English-German-Spanish
  • Subtitles: German-Spanish
  • Sale Rights: To consult
  • Productor: Adventure Film Productions
  • Director: Neil Hollander
  • Genre: Social Documentary
  • Music: Traditional


The times are changing in the depth of the mountains of Burma. A kind of nobody land and shelter of drug lords have been a monument to the monoculture- the culture of the opium. But XXI century also arrived to the hearth of this forgotten corner of the planet. One by one, the lords of the drug enter to a peace process and to discharge their mercenaries. The crop substitution is introduced as alternative to the poppies. The documentary is about the opium growers their selves, tribal people trapped on this changing time when the opium can stop being their way of sustenance. They reports from their own point of view, how is live in a culture where all of them are growers, or dealers, or consumers, or all in one.

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